Erotic Massage Program

Erotic massage can be a great way to relax. It includes gentle, affectionate touches. Unlike classical massage, erotic massage focuses on sensual pleasure. Erotic massage also helps with sexual disorders: impotence, premature ejaculation, loss of erection.

How is the session going?

The basis of the technique is relaxation. This creates a private environment. An erotic massage session in Kyiv takes place in an individual office. It is closed to strangers. Nothing will prevent a man from relaxing.

The masseuse works alone. She uses different movements – stroking, pinching, rubbing. The impact is carried out with the palm, fingertips. Add feathers, beads, hard sticks. Feelings become multifaceted.

Sometimes the Nuru technique is added. It was invented in Japan. Its basis is the sliding of bodies. The masseuse lubricates the man’s torso with tasteless oil. Then he sits on top and begins to make sliding movements. Possible touches of the chest, shoulders, abdomen. The girl’s hair is loose, pleasantly tickling the skin.

Use of warm stones, ice cubes is allowed. The temperature contrast enhances the sensations. A girl can use pieces of fruit, berries – the juice wets the skin. Then the masseuse licks him off.

Eromassage causes serious tactile sensations. They relax the body as much as possible. Helps to distract from bad thoughts.

What happens?

For valuable clients, salons offer unique services. So, a four-hand massage will double the sensations. Girls will use different influences, helping a man to plunge into the abyss of pleasure.

Nuru is performed by one masseuse. It is possible to invite the second. Then the program will be rich. One girl can caress the body with feathers, the other slide over it. Maximum physical contact – x2 to pleasure.

Soapy eromassage in Kyiv will be an excellent prelude to the session. For him, the man goes to the shower. The masseuse goes with him. She lathers and caresses the guest, relieving tension from him.

There are other programs as well. It is worth deciding on the desires, and then proceed to fulfillment. Experiments are allowed. Some men like caresses of the penis, scrotum, stimulation of the anus. Feel free to voice your desires. Then the massage will bring an unforgettable pleasure.

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