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Erotic massage for men in 4 hands

In a high-quality and professional erotic massage in 4 hands, important factors are knowledge of the basic massage techniques, the correct sequence of actions, the organization of a favorable atmosphere and other nuances that will make the massage process as pleasant and effective as possible. Also for a good erotic massage you need:

  • know the peculiarities of arousal of men and women;
  • study the location of sensitive areas on the body and the rules for their stimulation.

Unlike classic types of massage, both a massage table and an ordinary bed or even the floor are suitable for performing erotic massage. The main thing is that the client is comfortable and comfortable.

Massage in 4 hands in Kyiv for men

Intimate massage gives pleasant sensations and relaxes the body with the help of basic massage techniques in a certain sequence. During erotic massage, special attention is paid to the massage of areas that require stress relief.

Massage in 4 hands Kyiv, as a rule, begins with the head, smoothly moving to the neck, shoulders and back. Back massage, which helps to relieve tension, begins with light strokes with the transition to more intense movements. Many men have an erogenous zone between the shoulder blades, so it is very important to massage this zone with high quality.

From massaging the back, a smooth transition to the buttocks using rhythmic pats, strokes and fist pressure. Going lower, the legs and feet are stretched. There are a large number of nerve endings in the feet, so this is one of the most sensitive areas on the human body. Having turned the client on his back, the intimate massage to the man continues in the same sequence as it began: head, shoulders, arms, chest, stomach, legs.

The purpose of erotic massage is to give pleasure in the most sensual way and make you tremble with pleasure. An additional piquancy to the massage is given by the refined and seductive curves of the female body, which give not only physical, but also aesthetic pleasure.

Important! Erotic massage does not end with sex, it is a pleasant relaxing gift for your body, capable of delivering maximum pleasure!

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