Three months of Yoga

This is my third month of taking up Yoga. In 3 months, I have grown from a Yoga novice to a basic Yoga practitioner.

Despite a busy work schedule, I try to visit the Yoga studio at least twice a week. I look forward to each and every Yoga practice and can’t wait for the next. I guess I have never stretched my body as much as I did during these 3 months.

Yoga has brought me more than just physical release. It has brought me mental release as well.

In these three months, I have tried Hatha Yoga and Therapy Yoga.

In Hatha Yoga, we were put through a series of stances, poses and postures. It may look easy when our Yoga master demonstrated these positions but when it came to doing it ourselves, our body certainly had a tough time. Many other trainees and myself had a hard time and it was only through our Yoga Master who pushed us to develop our bodies and strengths and overcome our weaknesses and our fears that we were able to achieve many of Hatha Yoga poses.

He kept telling us that we would become stronger and he gave us all the belief to carry on. And each time as I practiced and meditated, my body and mind became stronger and more relaxed. Eventually, I was able to do many Hatha Yoga moves which I had thought would be impossible previously.

Therapy Yoga is less physically demanding as compared to Hatha Yoga. It is also my favorite Yoga practice at the moment.

Therapy Yoga consist of a series of stretching movements, Yoga breathing techniques and relaxation and meditation sessions. I find Therapy Yoga a wonderful physical and mental release especially after a day of stressful work.

For every physical position we do or a breathing technique that we practice for Therapy Yoga, our Master would explain to us their benefits including how each posture or technique would help us build up certain physical immunity or fight certain kind of illness.

Both Yoga discipline have been very beneficial to me in self-tuning and re-alignment with my inner self. I look forward to every Yoga lesson; especially when I feel stressed out by work and other matters. The Yoga practices do give a lot of relief after every session, and it was a great experience!

If you have been thinking of starting Yoga or wondering if Yoga is helpful, well, you have my full recommendation that Yoga is certainly beneficial for both the body and mind especially if you lead hectic city lives! You will find yourself coming out afresh from each Yoga session and you will want to attend the next session as soon as you can.


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