The Garden Spa, Bishan

SpaAs a keen spa enthusiast, I was surprised to find out that my older sister, a modern cosmopolitan working mother in Singapore, had never been to a spa or a massage! This is so unacceptable … and I felt that it was my personal mission to let her experience the wonders of what a spa can do to one’s mind, body and soul!

I decided to buy a spa package as a birthday treat for her at the Aramsa Spa – The Garden Spa located at Bishan Park. As this was a surprise gift for her, I called her one week earlier to ensure she allocated 3 hours of her time for me.

The Aramsa Spa – The Garden Spa was opened in August 2006 and it was billed as Asia’s first outdoor spa in a park featuring more than 22,000 plants from 200 species. This 7,500 sqm (cluster of eleven low-level buildings) has twelve treatment rooms that include massages, body treatments and facials, a wellness studio, corporate events room and outdoor courtyards, organic health cafe and a retail outlet.

GardenOn the day of her birthday, she was driven to the spa by me. We arrived at the spa 15 minutes before our booking slot. At the spa reception, there were 4 staff sitting at the reception table. The decor of the spa is rustic yet modern but the reception area was really small for such a large and busy spa! One of the receptionists showed us to the common bathrooms to change and asked us to wait at the lounge for our therapists.

Shortly, two therapists came to us and led us to the treatment room. As this is the first time my sister was experiencing a spa treatment, I opted for an individual treatment room so that she could be at ease. We could hear the birds chirping as we walked through the pebble footpaths to our treatment rooms.

The massage treatment room is of a good size with a single seater sofa in a corner. The outdoor rain shower and sunken bath are in the open greenery area. Aida, my therapist, introduced herself and led me to the sofa to soak my foot in a hot water that has been filled with mineral salts.

Spa BathShe carefully dried my feet and led me to the treatment bed. I started off with a body scrub. In between the scrub, the therapist asked me if her scrubbing technique was acceptable, which was very nice of her. To my astonishment, she was so attentive that she even scrubbed my belly button! When she finished the scrub, she turned on the shower, ensured the water was at the right temperature before leading me to cleanse myself.

While I was having my shower, she quickly cleaned up the treatment bed and got ready for my massage. The massage was one of the signature massage for this spa…. The Aramsa Touch Massage.

I guess most spa will come out with fancy names for their massage treatment and this is no different. The Touch Massage is nothing more that a Shiatsu massage with some aromatherapy techniques thrown in. Oh well…

After the treatment, we were ushered to the lounge for some tea and cookies and to relax. I asked my sister about her first spa experience and her only word was “shiok”; a local expression for an extremely exhilarating and wonderful experience. The hot lemon grass tea with pandan leaf (a tropical fragrant plant) and honey at the lounge was unique and certainly a plus.

I am glad my sister like her first massage experience and had left the spa feeling recharged & radiant. One more happy spa and massage member! Time to give myself a pat on the back for adding another die-hard spa and massage fan!

Location of Spa: Bishan Park, Central Singapore
Size of Spa: Twelve private treatment rooms, wellness studio, organic health cafe and a retail outlet.

Friendliness: Friendly masseurs.
Facilities: Private Shower in Room. Lounge,
Wellness studio
Pricing: Special UOB promotion of S$88 for scrub and massage. Normal spa prices for other packages.
Transport: Central, Singapore. Free Parking at Bishan Park.


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