Riyuegu Hotspring Spa Resort, Xiamen, China

I have been to Xiamen, China, several times but had missed the chance to visit this well-known Riyuegu Hot Springs Spa Resort in Xiamen each time due to one reason or another.

Riyuegu Hot Springs Resort is very famous natural hot spring spa resort in Xiamen, China and had been extremely well-reviewed in travel and spa magazines.

Riyuegu Hotspring Resort
Entrance to the Hotel

Hence, in my recent trip to Xiamen, I made sure that I set aside at least 2 free days to visit Riyuegu Hot Springs Resort. I was so determined that I must visit this spa resort this time that even before my trip, I booked my accommodation online to ensure I had no further reasons not to go to this resort.

Riyuegu Hot Springs Spa Resort is probably one of the nicest spa resort in Southern China. From previous written web and magazine reviews, I was aware that it is owned and managed by a Singapore company. The resort offers a 4 star class luxury hotel and just across a busy highway on the other side is the outdoor hot springs theme park and a spa retreat. An electrical golf-cart shuttles you between the two locations if you need to travel between the two.

The grand lobby

Hotel Lobby

In my opinion, the hotel should be rated 5 stars as I feel that the whole hotel resort was very well done-up with nice landscaping, elegant interior decoration, very clean and had pleasant and helpful staff.

The hotel rooms at Riyuegu Hot Springs Spa Resort are beautifully decorated, spacious, modern and all bathrooms has a large stone bath tub with piped-in hot spring water. This is the best part… hotel guests can enjoy a hot spring bath in the room if they wanted more privacy or perhaps too lazy to go across the road to the hotspring theme park. The hotel also has a very nice outdoor swimming pool for guests to relax to. There is also a Western and Chinese restaurant.

The biggest drawback, if I can nit-pick, about Riyuegu Hot Springs Resort is that the whole resort is located in an industrial zone and Xiamen city is about a half hour drive away. For hotel guests, you can’t go or do anything else except stay and enjoy the facilities within the hotel or spa. But then again, if you are really looking for a spa resort to get away from civilization… well then, this is it!

(Note: A travel website review that I read before arriving at Riyuegu described the resort as being surrounded by lush greenery and scenic countryside all around. Don’t believe that review … it is all factories and industrial buildings once you move away from the resort!)

Riyuegu Hot Springs Spa Resort has two spas. One is located within the hotel and the other is located across the road together with the hotspring theme park. Both spas offer almost the same spa, beauty and detox treatments and has similar prices. The difference is …. treatments done in the hotel spa are subjected to a 15% government tax but not at the spa retreat for hotel and non-hotel guests alike. (Hint from me: Now you know where you should have your massage!)

The Hotel Resident Spa

Entrance to the Spa

The hotel spa has a relaxing lounge whereby after your treatment, you can rest and relax at the lounge as long as you want. The hotel spa also offers a oxygen spa treatment room which the spa at the hotspring theme park does not.

I must say that I was very impressed with Riyuegu Hot Springs Spa Resort. It is definitely worth a trip as the facilities are fabulous, services good and prices, simply affordable – compared to other large cities around Asia.

I highly recommend this spa resort for jaded spa enthusiasts who want to try something different other than their usual spa holidays to Bangkok, Bali, Penang, Ko Samui or Phuket.

Spa Reception

The grand Spa Reception

Compared to a typical beach resort, the entire Riyuegu Spa resort is supplied with natural underground hotspring water, (even in the hotel rooms) which is said to contain minerals that are good for the skin and body. Definitely a plus point over beach-side spa resorts which may actually cost harm to the skin and body if one is not careful to be exposed too much to the sun.

Getting There
Situated just half an hour drive from downtown Xiamen, Riyuegu Hot Springs Spa Resort offers a shuttle service pick up hourly at the carpark opposite SM Square (Fuxia Road, nearer to Kentucky Fried Chicken).

Coming Up…
Watch out for our next article as we reiew the Riyuegu hotspring theme park.

Location of Riyuegu Hotsprings Resort:
1888 Fulian Road, Haicang District, Xiamen, China 361027
Size of Resort: One luxury hotel, one hotspring theme-park, one spa retreat
Facilities: Multiple luxurious spa facilities

Friendliness: Extremely polite resort staff and massage therapists.
Pricing: Ranges from US$15 to US$40 for massage only. Between US$85 to US$175 for spa, beauty or detox packages.


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