Review: The Joy Spa, Singapore

The area around Mohammad Sultan Road, UE Square and Merchant Court in Singapore has become a Yuppie hang-out for gourmet food, coffee, wine and entertainment. I like this place for it’s wholesome but comprehensive availability for good food and drinks. It has become a hang-out of sort for me and friends recently.

Sometimes, after a night of food and wine, we seek the solace of a good massage place to relax before making our way home. This has always been a problem because most massage and spa establishments in Singapore normally accept customers up till 9pm only. Unlike Hong Kong, Taiwan or China, where such establishments open up to the wee hours of the night, it’s tough luck scenario for Singapore.

Recently, an article appeared on the newspaper, Straits Times, that said “Midnight Pampering” (ST, dated May 15th, 2011), and alerted me to possible late nights massage retreats. One such establishment mentioned, The Joy Spa, is located right in Merchant Court itself!

After a usual weekend dinner and drink in that area, my girlfriends and I wanted a foot massage badly (after a long and hectic work week) and we remembered the article that appeared on Straits Times. Off we go hunting.

The Joy Spa is located at Robertson Walk, a location which is closed to a lot of expatriates living there. The decor of the spa is tastefully done, nothing elaborate but simple, cosy and soothing.  At The Joy Spa, it’s really a head to toe one-stop provider.  You can opt for Foot Massage, Body Massage, Manicure or Pedicure, Facial Treatment and Body Treatment.

Neat recliner massage chairs
Neat recliner massage chairs

The Holy Land
All chairs face inward for privacy and peace from the hustle and bustle outside

We were lucky and managed to get a 3 slots at the same time at The Joy Spa.  We were glad because it was already past 9.30pm.

There are 8 recliner chairs for foot massage, 2 chairs for body/shoulder massage, 3 chairs for manicure/pedicure, 4 single rooms & 1 couple room for body massage.

Good thing about this place is, all the massage chairs faced inward to their interior decor (smart thinking), otherwise, it will be very disrupting as the shop is located just outside a noisy restaurant/wine bar. Due to good sound insulation, you cannot hear the noise outside till you open the main door and walk out.

Neat recliner massage chairs
The place was heavy into dim lights and mood lighting

Neat recliner massage chairs
Throw in some billowing smoke

Neat recliner massage chairs
Don’t forget the Zen stones too!”

We had 3 ‘Uncle’ therapists who did the foot massage for us.  We started off with a 10 mins herbal foot soak followed by a 60 mins foot massage. Ginger tea were served while we were soaking our foot. Skills wise, all were a thumbs up.

From their skills, we could tell that they were experienced therapists.  One of my girlfriend has even confirmed that she will be back one week before our 60 mins sessions were up!  We had a good chat with the therapists and found out that this shop has been opened for more than one year.  Very soon, our sessions were over and the therapists used hot towel to clean our foot.

“Your Joyful Moments of Peace, Wellness & Beauty begins here.”  This is the tagline on the brochure I picked up from The Joy Spa.

True enough, we left the shop feeling Recharge and Refresh.  Time for a good sleep!

Note: The shop opens till midnight NOT 3 am as stated in the ST article due to lack of therapists.

Size of Spa: About 5 private rooms and 8 public chairs
Friendliness: Friendly
Pricing: 1 hour foot massage starts at S$60. Other treatment and massage services start from that price onwards.


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