Eat Raw Food for Better Health!

RawOne of my best friend is a pure vegetarian; not for religious belief but because she believe in a all vegetarian healthy and natural diet.

I have also many other friends who subscribed to a vegetarian diet for either religious or health considerations.

In the gym that I visit, many members are also swapping stories of raw and/or vegetarian diet in place of processed and cooked food. In fact, many people who are into gyms and exercise routines are beginning to believe that meat, processed food and cooked food are not healthy for the mind and body and nothing short of a vegetarian diet will keep the mind and body healthy. For some, even cooked vegetables is not good enough – it must be raw, uncooked and un-processed vegetables straight from the earth.

The proponents of a raw diet will tell you that many of today’s modern illness and diseases were rare and unknown during our ancestors days. They believe that the air, food and lifestyle we lead today are causing great harm to our body, causing it to develop all sorts of illnesses and diseases that were almost unknown in our ancestors days. Examples of modern illnesses includes high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases and cancer. We cannot control the air we breathe but we can control the food we eat and the lifestyle that we lead.

Opponents of a raw diet will tell you that a raw or even just a vegetarian diet will lead to an in-balance in body nutrients, will make one more susceptible to common illnesses such as cold and flu and generally makes one more lethargic.

Who is right or wrong?

If I am health-conscious, exercise regularly and am interested in a natural food diet, should I look at a vegan or raw diet as a food and life-style change? Will the right raw or vegan diet bring about the right and adequate nutrients that my body will need? How can I make raw food palatable and tasty? How do I create variety and interest? What kind of raw diet do I need if I already have certain health weaknesses?

I can’t answer many of these questions but I do know that many of my friends and peers are extremely keen to explore the vegetarian or raw diet for personal health reasons. A popular proponent of the raw diet, Frederic Patanaude, has written many articles, columns and books on this subject. So, if you are interested in exploring a raw or vegan diet yourself, please feel free to check out his website and recommendations.


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