Pushy sales girl spoils an otherwise perfect spa and massage session

There is this small spa boutique which is near where I live. Every other day, I will pass this spa on my way home and one day, I finally couldn’t resist it and had to pop my head in to enquire about their spa packages.

Co-incidentally, the spa was holding a promotion for first time visitors. For S$288(@US$190), I would get a facial, a body scrub, a jacuzzi session and a 90 minutes massage for two people. Wow! That’s good value! I put down my money immediately.

A few weeks later, I decided to book a session for a lazy Sunday. Unfortunately, all sessions were full and I was a little disappointed. Luckily, a few hours later, the spa boutique called up and told me that a customer had canceled a booking and 10am, Sunday is now available. Yipiee…

My husband was my partner for the session. He normally does not join me for my spa sessions because he is always complaining that it is too expensive for his liking but because he was feeling very tired that day and because it was on a special offer, he decided to join me.

Although the spa boutique was small, they had a couple’s room which consisted of two beds, a shower and a Jacuzzi. The session started on time and began with a facial and the facial lady was very nice and gave short commentaries as she carried out the facial session. A mask was applied and the entire facial lasted nearly 45 mins.

Next was a body scrub where a scrubbing lotion was applied to the body. The body scrub takes dead cells of the skin and had a nice peppermint smell.

Next on was the Jacuzzi session where we spent a relaxing 20 minutes. After the jacuzzi and a shower, we were ready for the main massage.

The massage was soothing and was a combination of Javanese, Balinese and Shiatsu strokes. The masseurs were skillful and it was a good finishing to an enjoyable 3 hours. Hot tea was served to us at the end of the session and we were indeed grateful for a good morning well spent.

However, it was at this point that we ran into something unpleasant – persistent hard selling. After the session was over, it was the turn of a sales attack – persistent selling of their spa packages.

Although we were familiar with the hard sales that sometimes come after an enjoyable spa session, this sales attack was a bit too strong for our taste, especially as it involve thousand of dollars. We were also not confident of taking a long tern package with this spa because we find that the spa boutique being small – had a space constraint problem. We could clearly hear everyone coming in and out of the spa during our treatment because the room was so near to the main entrance!

Location of spa boutique: Spottiswoode Park, Singapore
Size of boutique: 4 rooms
Friendly: Yes
Facilities: In room shower and jacuzzi
Pricing: A bit high if not purchased as a package


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