Pain relief for the flesh and soul with massage

Oriental Pain relief patchesMassage therapy is a healing art form that combines the physical touch, pressure, stretching and other methods that are used to restore balance and a feeling of well-being to the massage recipients. Most of us have received backrubs from friends or spouses and can attest to the relaxing and pleasant feelings that are evoked during and after the rub.

Most of us receive these rubs from those who are not experienced in massage. Still the effort is appreciated and the benefits are wonderful. Think now about how much greater the benefit could be while experiencing the art of massage from someone who has been trained in how the body’s physiological and psychological elements can be stimulated by careful and knowledgeable hands?

Massage therapy is a holistic, drug-free healing art that combines the scientific approach used in the west with the intuitive and energy-based approach of eastern cultures. Therapists manipulate soft tissue in order to restore energy, maintain balance and put the body at rest while allowing the mind to be stress free.

In the hurried, fast-paced world so many of us live in today, it is not that uncommon for persons to be walking around with chronic neck and shoulder tension and pain. Massage therapy can help dissipate that uncomfortable tension.

Many of us go through our days doing repetitive motions. These motions fatigue our muscles and can lead to health conditions and injuries similar to what athletes’ experience. Moms who care for little ones and do housework all day do a lot of bending and lifting which can strain the lower back and legs. Secretaries and those who use keyboards all day can experience carpal tunnel issues with their wrists.

The healing properties of massage can help those who suffer from back pain, inflammatory conditions like arthritis and tendonitis, can relieve stress and stress-related conditions, help those who suffer from headaches and migraines, and relieve those who suffer from spasms, strains, and sprains. Massage can also provide relief from repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Circulatory and respiratory problems can find some measure of relief as well as those who are seeking healing from post-injury or surgical rehabilitation.

You can relieve such muscular pain through a licensed massage therapist. Your initial visit to a massage therapist will be to ascertain what can be done for your needs whether they be to reduce pain, or deal with a sports injury, or possibly to deal with an emotional issue or depression issue. The purpose of this initial call is to let the therapist know what your needs are and they to let you know how massage can benefit you.

** If you are suffering from chronic muscle pains and aches, you can also combine regular massage sessions with Oriental pain relief patches and ointments. It is very common in the East to use such medicated pain relief patches or “Gao Yao” on a regular basis for all types of muscular aches and pains. You can purchase these patches online at this pain relief website.


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