Is this the largest spa in Singapore?


Singapore's largest spa

One of my credit card had a joint-promotion with one of the biggest spa in Singapore and I received a voucher that entitled me to a discounted couple spa package at this big and luxurious spa.

I remember this spa vividly because it is located in one of the largest and upmarket shopping centre in Singapore. It was opened only recently and had already received many rave reviews in the press. I knew that it was only a matter of time before I visit this spa!

This spa is located in Paragon Shopping Centre in Orchard Road, right smack in the middle of a upmarket shopping and hotel district that every tourist and probably every young Singaporean would spend their time in Singapore. The owner of this spa had cleverly chosen an area where a lot of well-to-do tourists and Singaporeans would be very feeling vey tired after many hours of shopping and shopping!

I persuaded my husband to join me at this spa. We purposely chose an early morning for this spa because I had heard that one difference about this spa is the non-stop complimentary food that they offer. We want to be there before lunch-time!

This was indeed a luxurious and up-market spa. Everything from the grand entrance to the interior decor to the spa pools were luxurious and were evidently meant to impress and inspire. The spa had a large hot pool with beds that sits into the water. Here, you can lay and relax in the hot pool while listening to the rush of the water all around you. The hot pool is large and will take more than 15 people comfortably. Getting up from the pool brings you to a shower and changing area and where the luxury furnishing continue to impress.

Other than the hot pool and shower/changing area, all other areas including the relaxation lounge and TV area were all unisex. I waited for my husband in the TV area before we went for our massage in a common room.

We had a combined shiatsu/aromatherapy massage. Although my masseur was good, my husband was not too happy of his masseur, who was in his opinion, a tad too inexperienced and was not able to give a good massage.

We moved to the relaxation lounge and watch a bit of TV. The lounge was big and was beginning to fill with people and noise. Fortunately, there were a few private rooms which were quieter because they were separated from the main lounge by a glass wall. We managed to get such a room and ordered some food.

The next two hours were sheer sin as we alternate between food, drinks, reading magazines, enjoying the soft easy chair and watching TV. One unique feature of this spa is that you are expected to spend time relaxing at the spa instead of the massage and go concept practised by most spas in Singapore.

We left after a couple of hours; feeling too guilty because of the amount of food we had taken. The food were really good; comparable to any good 5-star hotel fare and we really had a bit too much. The rest of the spa facilities were indeed impeccable and if money was not a problem, this spa would be our permanent camp!

The only really areas that this spa can improve on was the slightly cold service we received on occasions by the staff. We certainly hope they can buck up their service in time to come!

Location of spa boutique: Paragon Shopping Centre, Orchard Road, Singapore
Size of spa: Very, very big!
Friendliness: I find the service a little impersonal at times
Facilities: Large hot pool, jacuzzi, rest lounge, free flow of good food and drinks
Pricing: A bit on the high side. Acceptable for the occasional indulgence.


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  2. Sin Ning on July 14th, 2012

    Hi there,

    Quite belated, but thank you so much for this review. One of the most comprehensive and detailed ones I’ve read – and I like you’re unbiasedness as a genuine user. Shall be using your feedback to look into marketing promotions for my new launch. Thanks so much!

    Sin Ning

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