I’m sorry!

I'm sorry
I’m sorry

This blog has been around since Year 2007. Last week, I tried to upgrade to the latest WordPress version to be up to date. For a few days, everything was alright and then my blog suddenly disappeared from the world wide web!

Imagine, all my blood and soul reviews for the last 3 years all gone! Just like that.

It took me a long time, including many desperate calls to my web host, before I managed to get the blog back. It then slowed to a crawl, readers comments went missing and started sending out emails on it’s own (My apologies to readers who have subscribed to this blog; you may have been getting email updates again and again).

After another round of hair pulling troubleshooting, the blog is finally behaving well again. If you have been trying to read this blog for the last 1 week and could not, now you know why.

Looks like everything is alright for the moment.

If you cannot come in next week or start getting weird email updates again… let’s just say I’m so very keen to update this blog to the latest WordPress version… so watch out!

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