Even babies need a massage: Learn Baby Massage

I wanted a different kind of present when my best friend had a new-born baby. I wasn’t keen on yet another baby’s toy, clothes or food. I’m sure everyone else will be buying the same kind of presents.

I remember watching a TV show once which showed masseurs/nurses that specialises in massaging new born and teaching new mothers and even fathers on massage techniques for their babies. It is said to be soothing and therapeutic for babies; especially for ‘angry’ babies that seem to cry more than usual.

After all, if massages work for adults like us, I’m sure it works for babies as well. I knew this is something I’ll want to get for my friend especially since she’s a nervous first-time mother. Some googling and research lead to the following article:

“The first few months of having a new baby in the home can be a daunting experience. This is especially true when, despite feeding, changing and making baby comfortable, he/she continues to scream. You start to feel you’re a useless Mother, and can’t understand what you’re doing wrong.

One of the most likely causes of baby’s distress is a condition known as baby colic. Although it’s not a serious condition, it can cause you and your baby many months of misery and sleepless nights.

Be assured this is not uncommon in young babies, and there is a way to help alleviate this miserable problem.

Baby massage has proved to be an excellent method of reducing baby’s distress and creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere for both mother and infant.

Firstly, you must establish that there isn’t a health problem. Once this has been confirmed, then baby massage can make a tremendous difference to you and your family. It can help you and your partner to form a close bond with baby whilst at the same time easing baby’s discomfort.

A downloadable baby massage DVD will help you to learn the best way to get started in the comfort of your own home. Regular massaging will gradually help to calm baby’s symptoms and bring some semblance of order to your household.

This professionally produced video re-creates the baby massage class in the comfort of your own home – enabling you to follow along at the best time for your and your baby and make massage part of your routine together.

Independent midwives Joanna Parkinson and Katie Wainwright commented “we definitely would recommend these products to our new Mums…they offer clear instructions on how to perform baby massage safely”.

Baby’s early months need not become a nightmare. Baby massage can make sure of that, so start learning it today. You can quickly and easily download your DVD here!

Well, I’m sure my friend will be glad to receive this giftpack consisting of instructional DVDs on how to massage babies. Maybe I can get her to do a review of the DVDs…

If you are interested in a similar baby massage DVD for your friend, colleague or yourself, go to their website to buy or download a copy.

Happy baby massaging!


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  1. Bea on July 2nd, 2011

    I often massage my sons feet and hands, he loves it and I can actually feel him relax. For baby’s that will sit still long enough, massage is beneficial for many different things.

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