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Creative VadoThanks to many loyal readers out there, this blog has risen to about 120 unique visitors a day. It’s still a long way compared to some extremely popular blogs but then again, to me, having a small but loyal bunch of readers is more important than anything else!

Some of you may have noticed the use of videos in some of my recent posts. Well, in order to work harder for my loyal readers, I have invested in a Creative Vado mini-cam to make my reviews more interesting. Why Creative Vado?

I’ve been including photos in as many of my reviews as I can but I thought that having videos will satisfy the desire for readers to ‘experience’ even more of the spa resorts or treatments. However, sneaking a normal size video camera is quite difficult into a spa and a better solution is needed.

In step the Creative Vado. Unlike conventional video cameras which are quite large and sometimes awkward to handle, the Creative Vado is small, compact and easy to handle. Some of the features of Vado includes:

  • Small and compact – About 2/3 size of a conventional mobile phone
  • Affordable US$99
  • Easy one-hand operation
  • USB cable is attached to camera for file transfer
  • Battery is charged when USB cable is attached to computer
  • Includes a slot to attach to standard tripod stand
  • Removable batteries allow change of fresh batteries easily
  • Software allows easy upload to Flickr or Youtube directly
  • Drag and drop to computer

Check out the video qualityThe Vado is one of the first few mini-video cams that are beginning to make their way to the consumer market. The most popular one is the Flipvideo which has gained a following by bloggers but which is not sold in Asia as yet.

Despite some of the obvious advantages of such small video-cams, there are some disadvantages too compared to conventional palm-sized video cameras. Some of the Creative Vado disadvantages include:

  • Only 2X zoom
  • Video quality not as good as conventional cameras
  • White areas tend to wash out if camera is moved too fast
  • Short 1-hour battery life
  • Does not shoot well in low light conditions

Well, whatever it is, look forward to more videos of the massage and spa destinations I’ll be visiting. You too can pick up this small and light-weight video camera at the websites below.


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