Conversation with a Chinese Massage Therapist

Body meridianI met Liu Lu when I went for a foot massage in a small shop near my house.

Liu Lu was my assigned foot massage therapist and it was soon obvious that she was a notch better than most local foot massage therapists I had experienced in Singapore. I struck up a conversation with her…

Liu Lu is from Shandong, China and had recently move to Singapore to continue to work as a massage therapist. She grew up in Wei Hai, Shandong, China and had enrolled in the Shandong College for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Jinan for a massage therapist diploma.

Liu Lu explained that one can qualify to be a traditional massage therapist in 3-years in most Traditional Chinese Medicine College in China. The courses she had to study were rigorous and included studying the body meridian, acupuncture, guasha, tuina, bagua, accupressure, reflexology, detoxification and others. She also had to do a one year internment in a Chinese hospital before she could graduate as a fully qualified traditional TCM massage therapist. (Note: Traditional Chinese Massage is fully endorsed as a form of medical treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment)

After graduation, Liu Lu worked in a different number of massage palors in Wei Hai and Yantai, China. She picked up other massage related skills such as slimming and beauty-related massage skills in these commercial massage palors.

Liu Lu also related that foot massage treatment is slightly different between China and Singapore. In China, no foot massage is ever started without a soak in a hot water hub added with Chinese herbs. The foot massage therapist may also use a reflexology stick which is much more painful then using just bare hands and knuckles. A complete foot massage also include massaging the ankle, calf, thigh and knee which is again not quite practised in Singapore.

She was also disappointed that her other traditional massage skills such as tuina, bagua and guasha were not popular in Singapore or other parts of the world despite these being time- honoured traditional Chinese massage skills.

Personally, I can only hope that with more Mainland China therapists coming to Singapore and other parts of the world, the standard of foot reflexology and Chinese Tuina massage will improve greatly as these Chinese therapists are highly trained in the holistic approach of massage as a total concept of well-being in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

If you would like to try out Liu Lu’s massage skills, do check out the shop she works for in The Icon, Tanjong Pagar Rd, Singapore.

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