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I'm sorry
I’m sorry

This blog has been around since Year 2007. Last week, I tried to upgrade to the latest WordPress version to be up to date. For a few days, everything was alright and then my blog suddenly disappeared from the world wide web!

Imagine, all my blood and soul reviews for the last 3 years all gone! Just like that.

It took me a long time, including many desperate calls to my web host, before I managed to get the blog back. It then slowed to a crawl, readers comments went missing and started sending out emails on it’s own (My apologies to readers who have subscribed to this blog; you may have been getting email updates again and again).

After another round of hair pulling troubleshooting, the blog is finally behaving well again. If you have been trying to read this blog for the last 1 week and could not, now you know why.

Looks like everything is alright for the moment.

If you cannot come in next week or start getting weird email updates again… let’s just say I’m so very keen to update this blog to the latest WordPress version… so watch out!

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Top 100 Blog: The Daily Review

Top spas industry blogs award

Asia’s Best Spa Resorts and Massage Therapy Review

Top spas industry blogs

I’m honoured that The Daily Reviewer has selected my blog to be showcased. Why do I consider it an honour? Well, using The Daily Reviewer own words, here’s why:

The Daily Reviewer selects only the world’s top blogs (and RSS feeds). We sift through thousands of blogs daily to present you the world’s best writers. The blogs that we include are authoritative on their respective niche topics and are widely read. To be included in The Daily Reviewer is a mark of excellence.

Thanks to Daily Review, thanks to my readers and thanks to your comments, I shall continue to write articles and reviews you’ll enjoy. Please feel free to write to me anytime!


Review: Online Spa and Massage Booking Calendar

My day job include evaluating business systems, looking into intelligent business processes and recommending software and automated procedures to enhance productivity. My ‘night job’ includes visiting and reviewing spas and I sometimes wonder if I will ever mix them up!

Sometimes, I wish that I do.

From my day job professional point of view, I find that spa business operators, big or small, are seldom productive.

Call them too early or too late in the day and they are closed. Scheduling an appointment is so difficult because they need to flip their large appointment books back and forth to find you the right slots.  They don’t bother to tell you if they are running special promotions. The worst part is, sometimes I get my appointments mixed up because the receptionist forgot to update their appointment books! Oh…the frustrations on dealing with spa operators!

Why can’t spa operators simply invest in productive software like BookingCalendar.com? Now, this is a nifty online software that all spa and massage operators should have because it makes mundane and tedious tasks seem so easy! The clients benefits because the software allows:

1. Spa clients to make their own online booking, 24 hrs by 7 days!
2. Automated email appointment reminders to clients
3. Easy change of appointments
4. Online purchase of spa products, gift vouchers and spa packages

The spa operator benefits because the software allows them to:

1. Track room and resource usage
2. Schedule masseurs appointment slots automatically
3. Keeps track of sales and accounts
4. Send promotions and offers to clients automatically

Booking Calendar
Spa customers book their appointments online directly

I mean, this software is not even expensive,  just a mere US$50 a month if you have less than 1,000 bookings a month. Hey, that’s so much cheaper than hiring a receptionist just to handle appointments and this ‘online appointment receptionist’ works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. No rest, no off days, no sick leaves!

Spa operators should check this software out today, especially since this software house is offering a 30 days obligation free trial. Business owners who are not into IT or internet will also feel comfortable because the software house offers free online support till your software is up and running on the internet.

This web-based software is not only suitable for spa operators but clinics, gyms, photo studios, hair salons, dance studios, dentists, dog groomers, acupuncturists will certainly find this software useful too especially if their business revolve around a lot of interaction with clients to fix or arrange appointment slots. What’s more, today’s young and busy consumers will want to work with businesses that can offer them convenience of planning and paying for their consuming needs over the internet.

Hey, if I am still wearing my day time professional hat, I will certainly recommend all spa owners to invest in this software too…. after all, it makes my night time job of booking spa appointment slots so much easier!


Spa Video Reviews with Creative Vado

Creative VadoThanks to many loyal readers out there, this blog has risen to about 120 unique visitors a day. It’s still a long way compared to some extremely popular blogs but then again, to me, having a small but loyal bunch of readers is more important than anything else!

Some of you may have noticed the use of videos in some of my recent posts. Well, in order to work harder for my loyal readers, I have invested in a Creative Vado mini-cam to make my reviews more interesting. Why Creative Vado?

I’ve been including photos in as many of my reviews as I can but I thought that having videos will satisfy the desire for readers to ‘experience’ even more of the spa resorts or treatments. However, sneaking a normal size video camera is quite difficult into a spa and a better solution is needed.

In step the Creative Vado. Unlike conventional video cameras which are quite large and sometimes awkward to handle, the Creative Vado is small, compact and easy to handle. Some of the features of Vado includes:

  • Small and compact – About 2/3 size of a conventional mobile phone
  • Affordable US$99
  • Easy one-hand operation
  • USB cable is attached to camera for file transfer
  • Battery is charged when USB cable is attached to computer
  • Includes a slot to attach to standard tripod stand
  • Removable batteries allow change of fresh batteries easily
  • Software allows easy upload to Flickr or Youtube directly
  • Drag and drop to computer

Check out the video qualityThe Vado is one of the first few mini-video cams that are beginning to make their way to the consumer market. The most popular one is the Flipvideo which has gained a following by bloggers but which is not sold in Asia as yet.

Despite some of the obvious advantages of such small video-cams, there are some disadvantages too compared to conventional palm-sized video cameras. Some of the Creative Vado disadvantages include:

  • Only 2X zoom
  • Video quality not as good as conventional cameras
  • White areas tend to wash out if camera is moved too fast
  • Short 1-hour battery life
  • Does not shoot well in low light conditions

Well, whatever it is, look forward to more videos of the massage and spa destinations I’ll be visiting. You too can pick up this small and light-weight video camera at the websites below.


Apple iPhone and Spa and Massage

Apple iPhoneWhat has the Apple iPhone to do with a spa and massage blog? None really… except that I just gotten myself an Apple iPhone and I am so proud of it and want to tell the whole world about it!

The iPhone is amazing in functionality, ease of use and features. I am still amazed by it’s touch sensitive screen, the super intuitive user menu and powerful software even after one week of non-stop use. Not only is it a mobile smart-phone, it is also an iPod, a web browser, an email client and a micro-computer all rolled into one small hand-held device.

If you are looking into a new mobile phone, make sure you do not get anything else before you’ve at least tried out an Apple iPhone! It may be a little bit more expensive but heck …, it’s really, really worth it!

For those of you who already own an Apple iPhone or iPod, here’s a recommended website where you can download even more songs, movies, software and utilities for your iPod or iPhone. For anyone who just want to know more or are just curious about iPods and iPhones, you can visit this website.


Make Asia’s Best-Spa-Massage part of your web life!

Do you browse so many websites and then loses track of what is where after a while? This is a common problem that many of us face. So many websites. So much info. And so little time!

A couple of readers had wrote to me that they would love to be part of this website; having enjoyed some of the spa reviews and other massage articles. Can a spa and massage community be formed? Can we keep in touch? Can we be updated of new articles as soon as they are released?

Being a spa person and a technical nut, I asked my technical support manager aka husband if these readers’ requests can be fulfilled? I bribed him with a couple of spa sessions and even then, he had to look far and wide before he found a possible solution.

Here’s the solution. Click and download the tool you see below. This will install a toolbar on your web browser (such as Firefox or IE) that will allow us to keep in touch. It will also install a couple of other nifty tools on your browser. If you would like to keep in touch and possibly build a spa and massage community together, do download the toolbar now!

Your web browser or your firewall may not allow the download and installation immediately. If there are any pop-up or other messages asking for permission to download the file, please allow it.

You should not have a problem downloading and installing the toolbar. I was able to and I’m quite a technical nut. If you do face a problem, please email me and I’ll see if my husband can be persuaded to help you out!