Opinion: Health and wellness regime

A reader recently wrote to me to ask about my health and wellness regime and if I believe in detoxification treatments. I told her that I try to stick to the following routine:

  1. Swimming: Once a week
  2. Yoga: Twice a week (Read about it)
  3. Spa and massage: 1 to 2 times a month
  4. Sleep early as much as possible
  5. No smoking
  6. Occasional alcohol only
  7. No more thinking about work once I leave the office

I do not believe in certain drastic detoxification regimes such as colon cleansing. In case you do not know what colon cleansing is, here’s a video introduction. This is the least ‘scary’ video I can find but I still advise you not to watch while you’re having food or drinks.

However, I do practise some form of detoxification. Going to a sauna, drinking tea that aids in detoxification and using foot detoxification patches are some of my less drastic techniques for detoxification.

Here’s a video of foot detoxification practise. I consider it a less invasive but effective form of detoxification.

If you wish to start a detoxification regime as part of your wellness routine, here’s where I get my supply of foot detoxification patches via online order.

I do not see the need for exotic health and wellness routines. As long as one balances work, family life, exercise, hobbies and theĀ  occasional time away alone, that should be adequate for a healthy life.

What do you think?


Eat today, detox tomorrow

First we had the Mad Cow Disease. Then we had Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. Now, we even have toxic Melamine in our milk. Wave after wave of food and health scare! When will it be safe to trust our food, water and air ever again?

Even without these major health scare, we still have to struggle with daily health and food inadequacies – there are pesticide in our vegetable, micro-organism in our water, altered DNA in our poultry and polluted environment of our fishes – as farmers and businesses seek to maximise their profit dollars from our daily food supply!

That’s why modern scientific health experts chant the same mantra:

1. Eat lightly, eat widely
2. Exercise regularly
3. Get plenty of fresh air

In addition to scientific health experts, those of us who believes in alternative health will want to add:

1. Detoxify regularly
2. Meditate
3. Avoid or eat less meat

I personally believe in detoxification and practise it as much as I can. If you too believe in detoxification but do not know where to begin, whom to trust or how to go about, let me recommend this excellent body detox website by Dr Janet Starr Hull.

Dr Hull website is full of articles and research materials on scientific detoxification. Just reading from her website will put you in a good stead on how and why you should go about detoxing your body. Her website is chockablock of diet guides, detox books, vitamin and supplement information.

You can even order a personal hair analysis toxin test and a personal detoxification kit via her website. This is what she says of the detoxification kit:

Detox kit

The Detox Kit teaches you how to remove toxins using your body’s water, urine, fecal waste, skin and blood. The Detox Program is natural, and can be used for your lifetime as a “maintenance program” or if future health concerns develop. The Detoxification Program is safe for all ages and health conditions because it is a natural process using the simple nutrition techniques and information in Dr. Hull’s 10-Step Detoxification Program.

Dr. Hull is not just a nutritionist. She’s also a geologist and international geographer, a licensed Environmental Hazardous Waste Specialist and Toxicologist, a former fire fighter and college professor. She had a change in career after she “cured” herself from an “incurable” thyroid disease, Grave’s Disease in 1991. She was told she would die if she didn’t agree to drastic and expensive medical procedures; yet, her doctors didn’t know what caused her “fatal” thyroid disorder, or why she was suddenly deathly ill, or how to cure her disease. They only knew how to suppress her symptoms – destroy her thyroid with radiation – and keep her alive using medications for the rest of her lifetime.

She applied her environmental skills to help find the “cause” of her disease instead of having her thyroid destroyed. She discovered the cause of her illness – aspartame. She removed aspartame from her life and was healed within thirty days. She has been perfectly healthy ever since. No surgery, no medications, and NO aspartame!

The personal detoxification kit includes a DVD, a audio CD, a guidebook, pH test strips, diet and eating charts, suggested detox schedules and even a toxin guide. If you are serious about personal detoxification for better health, you should seriously consider this kit.

You can check out the detoxification kit at Dr Janet Starr Hull website.

Even if you have not reach a serious consideration about personal detox, you should still visit her website for generic health and toxin information. With today’s food and health crises coming one after another, you never know when you need a handy detox and diet guide in quick time!


Ginger Scrub and Ginger Wrap

GingerThe ginger plant has a long history of domestic cultivation and is thought to have originated in China and then to India, Southeast Asia, West Africa and the Caribbean.

Ginger is commonly used as a cooking spice in Chinese and South-East Asian culinary. Ginger is a pungent food that promotes energy circulation and increases the metabolic rate.

However, in the medical world, Ginger has been an important component used in Chinese and Asian medicine for both external and external use for many centuries. Ginger is most commonly known for its effectiveness as a digestive aid. It helps to relieve indigestion, diarrhea and stomach cramping. It is known to increase vital energy and balance our internal ‘chi’.

In the wellness realm, Ginger has been used widely to effectively stimulate circulation of the blood, remove toxins from the body, cleanse the bowels and kidneys and nourish the skin.

You can always find treatments like the Ginger Scrub and Ginger Wrap in a spa menu especially in a spa that specialises in Javanese or Balinese massage. In Indonesia, it is believed that ginger can also help to relieve aching muscle and detox your body. In fact, a ginger scrub and wrap is also a popular Indonesian post-natal treatment for women who had just given birth as it helps to reduce the body from being bloated and clear toxins from the body system.

The sweet aroma from a ginger scrub will also help your mind de-stress and in turn relax and rejuvenate your body. No wonder Ginger Scrub and Ginger Wrap have been very popular with spa goers in the past few years.

So after hearing so much wonders about ginger, I finally decided to try out the Ginger Scrub and Ginger Wrap. When I walked into the treatment room, the fragrance of ginger was already in the air. A bowl of crushed ginger was being heated over a burning candle. The masseur started by gently rubbing the heated fresh ginger on my back. As she moved along to the other part of the body, she kept asking if the ginger scrub was too hot for my body. When she finished, she gently wrapped my entire body with clear sheets and led me to a steam room. I was asked to stay in the steam room for half an hour. She explained that with the aid of the heat in the steam room, the purifying, detoxifying and hydrating process of the body under the effect of the ginger wrap will be enhanced!

The stimulating effects of the ginger scrub was an awakening experience to the skin. The Ginger Wrap is supposed to help reduce “wind” from my body and burn fats. No wonder I was perspiring like crazy. I should remember to weigh myself before and after a ginger scrub and wrap the next time!

After a warm shower and a 60 mins massage, I really felt so much lighter and refreshed. I highly recommend that you should add a Ginger scrub and wrap to your next spa visit especially if you are into detoxification or weight loss!


Eat Raw Food for Better Health!

RawOne of my best friend is a pure vegetarian; not for religious belief but because she believe in a all vegetarian healthy and natural diet.

I have also many other friends who subscribed to a vegetarian diet for either religious or health considerations.

In the gym that I visit, many members are also swapping stories of raw and/or vegetarian diet in place of processed and cooked food. In fact, many people who are into gyms and exercise routines are beginning to believe that meat, processed food and cooked food are not healthy for the mind and body and nothing short of a vegetarian diet will keep the mind and body healthy. For some, even cooked vegetables is not good enough – it must be raw, uncooked and un-processed vegetables straight from the earth.

The proponents of a raw diet will tell you that many of today’s modern illness and diseases were rare and unknown during our ancestors days. They believe that the air, food and lifestyle we lead today are causing great harm to our body, causing it to develop all sorts of illnesses and diseases that were almost unknown in our ancestors days. Examples of modern illnesses includes high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases and cancer. We cannot control the air we breathe but we can control the food we eat and the lifestyle that we lead.

Opponents of a raw diet will tell you that a raw or even just a vegetarian diet will lead to an in-balance in body nutrients, will make one more susceptible to common illnesses such as cold and flu and generally makes one more lethargic.

Who is right or wrong?

If I am health-conscious, exercise regularly and am interested in a natural food diet, should I look at a vegan or raw diet as a food and life-style change? Will the right raw or vegan diet bring about the right and adequate nutrients that my body will need? How can I make raw food palatable and tasty? How do I create variety and interest? What kind of raw diet do I need if I already have certain health weaknesses?

I can’t answer many of these questions but I do know that many of my friends and peers are extremely keen to explore the vegetarian or raw diet for personal health reasons. A popular proponent of the raw diet, Frederic Patanaude, has written many articles, columns and books on this subject. So, if you are interested in exploring a raw or vegan diet yourself, please feel free to check out his website and recommendations.


Detoxification and toxin removal

Detoxification is a popular treatment offered by many spas. In fact, as more and more people begin to believe and appreciate in holistic living, the practice of detoxification or detox for short is gaining rapid popularity.

Detox is the process of ridding the body of toxins and other impurities. It is believed that there are much toxins and impurities in the food we eat and the air we breathe. Our body is not able to purge our body of all the toxins that we ingest everyday. As a result, too much toxins in the body can lead to tiredness, listlessness, general lethargy and pains in the body and joints.

In severe cases, buildup of toxins in our body in the long term can lead to liver and kidney problems as well as cancer and other major ailments. Hence, advocates of healthy living and holistic lifestyle actively advise that detoxification is built into part of a health living concept that we can put into daily living.

Detox treatment offered in spas are commonly mud or wrap treatments. It is believed that mud and other wraps will ex foliate the skin of impurities as well as purge the body of toxins and impurities. Sweating out through active sporting activity or through a hot sauna is another popular way to sweat out impurities in a spa. However, such detox treatments in a spa can be expensive and time consuming and other supplementary detox treatments should be added.

Some fringe spas may even recommend detox pills, detox juices or in extreme cases, even colon cleansing routines. Detox medications often induce deep diarrhea and colon cleansing routine involve internal colon purging procedures for rapid detox. (Note: I am personally against colon cleansing routines and I also view detox pills and juices treatments with some reservations)

Foot DetoxOne safe and easy way to perform detox at home is through the use of foot detox patches. Foot detox patches are popular in Japan and Korea and has a medical history that run into hundreds of years based on Chinese reflexology principles. Detox patches work on the principle that toxins can be drawn through the human foot just as the roots of trees draw up nutrients from the soil.

You may purchase foot detox patches online and try it to see how toxins and impurities can be drawn out from your feet. Many people are amazed how much toxins can be purged through their feet when trying foot detox pads for the first time. I was shocked and amazed when I first personally applied it!

However, merely applying foot detox patches is not enough. A complete natural home detox program should consist of physical exercises that make you sweat, drinking plenty of water and eating the right food in addition to daily application of the foot detox patches.

Start your own natural home detox program today!

Have you always wanted to try out natural detox? Check out this all natural cleansing system.