Apple iPhone and Spa and Massage

Apple iPhoneWhat has the Apple iPhone to do with a spa and massage blog? None really… except that I just gotten myself an Apple iPhone and I am so proud of it and want to tell the whole world about it!

The iPhone is amazing in functionality, ease of use and features. I am still amazed by it’s touch sensitive screen, the super intuitive user menu and powerful software even after one week of non-stop use. Not only is it a mobile smart-phone, it is also an iPod, a web browser, an email client and a micro-computer all rolled into one small hand-held device.

If you are looking into a new mobile phone, make sure you do not get anything else before you’ve at least tried out an Apple iPhone! It may be a little bit more expensive but heck …, it’s really, really worth it!

For those of you who already own an Apple iPhone or iPod, here’s a recommended website where you can download even more songs, movies, software and utilities for your iPod or iPhone. For anyone who just want to know more or are just curious about iPods and iPhones, you can visit this website.


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