Review: The Lush Spa, Singapore Polo Club

Bored and tired of visiting typical spas in hotels, shopping malls and office buildings? Looking for something that is both different and interesting, brings you back to mother nature and rub off a bit of colonial Singapore –  all at the same time?

Yes indeed, The Lush Spa is uniquely situated in the Singapore Polo Club where time seem to have sat still since colonial days in Singapore and rich locals and expatriates come to the club for their daily horse rides and to sip tea in open verandas.

Located off Thomson and Balestier Road and just across the former Police Training Academy, the Singapore Polo Club is now a private social club that offers it’s members and the public a little different from the typical country club by incorporating horse-riding, polo games and equestrian training into it’s scope of activities.

The Lush Spa is located on the 2nd floor of the clubhouse with a bird eye view of the lush green polo riding field.  The reception area of the spa is decorated with spa products and a small seating area on the side.

My hubby and I were met and escorted by our therapists to a large couple’s room, with two massage beds, a jacuzzi and a steam/shower bath. The spa room was large and has very high ceiling with windows all round.

Large and airy couple’s room –
note the lush jungle just outside the windows

You can literally look out to the primary jungle that came almost to the edge of the windows and hear crickets and birds throughout our massage session. When heavy rain started towards the middle of our massage session, the pitter/patter of rain on the high ceiling added to the rustic and cosy mood of the room and we thought we were back in exotic Bali!

We began with a floral foot bath and followed by their famous Lush Signature treatment. For this treatment, olive oil was used to massage our body.

After 45mins of a full body massage, I was so reluctant to get up. My masseur softly whispered to me that my treatment was over and would wait for me at the relaxation corner to have my cup of tea.

Couple’s Hot Tub –
why must spas always have a large clock to remind you of time?

While we were enjoying our tea, the spa owner approached to ask for feedback. As it was raining heavily, we were unable to leave the Spa, hence we sat back, read the magazines and waited for the rain to stop.

The spa owner informed us that this Spa started originally by offering only mobile massage services to corporate offices. Their mobile massage popularity grew and hence they they decided to open a permanent spa boutique. Not only do they provide mobile massages services, they also organize spa retreats and spa parties for corporate offices and personal social parties alike.

The small but comfortable rest area

Would I come back? Yes, if I want to smell and feel mother nature all round me when I have a spa session. This is literally the only place in Singapore where a signboard cordon off certain part of a carpark beside a primary jungle and it reads – “Do not park here – Falling durians”! How more rustic can you get in urban Singapore?

My only concern is that prices are a little higher than typical similar spa boutiques and they do not seem to tie-up with any credit card companies for any promotions or discount. However, the spa owner was nice to offer us a 15% discount when we asked for one! So, although there may not be any typical credit card offers, do remember to ask for a discount directly at the cashier!

Note: While located in a private club, members of the public may visit the spa and the various F&B outlets in the club without restrictions.

Location of The Blush Spa @ Singapore Polo Club, 80 Mount Pleasant Road S(298334)

Size: Small size spa with all private rooms. Hydro-massage bath and jacuzzi available in some of the rooms.
Small toilet and rest area
Friendliness: Polite staff and good massage therapists.
Pricing: Starts from US$40 for a facial, wrap or bath. US$80 for Body massage. Various spa and beauty packages available and starts from US$120.


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I had a Thai massage and a foot reflexology. I must say it was a mistake to try out Thai massage in China as it can never be as good as in Thailand!

Katherine Xie

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Spa Review – Touch Spa, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Xiamen, China

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Spa Review – Touch Spa, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Xiamen, China

Like many countries, spas in 5-star hotels in China has gone upmarket as well. Gone are the days when mainland China spas are dodgy, performed only Chinese TuiNas or has poor service attitude.

Many of the 5-star and resort hotels in the big cities are competing to bring in the best spas and many are marketing their in-house hotel spa as a key attraction. I stayed 2 nights in Crowne Plaza Hotel in Xiamen, China and was able to use the fitness centre, swimming pool and spa to great satisfaction.

Crowne Plaza
Crowne Plaza, Xiamen at night

The Crowne Plaza is an international hotel chain that tends to cater to business traveler than the leisure traveler. Even then, 5-star business hotel tends to provide a good swimming pool, fitness centre and a spa because even business travellers would want these facilities as a minumum in a good business hotel. The Crowne Plaza is less than 6 months old as of this date and is centrally located in Jiahe Rd in Xiamen, China. Because it is so new, the fitness centre, swimming pool and spa are relatively devoid of people and I enjoyed great individual attention when I was there.

The swimming pool was a relative small one and one can only do 20meters laps. However, ample sunshades and deck chairs were provided for one to enjoy a tan and a swim. I also used the gym which was a little small and lack the full range of fitness machines although it had the necessary running, cycling, sit-up machines and a full range of loose weights.

Fitness Centre
The Gym

The changing room also had a full complement of sauna, steam and hot pool and the facility attendant was very attentive and was always around with a fresh towel. Once I had finished using the facilities and changed up, I went over to the Touch Spa located on the same level. The Touch Spa is a local Chinese spa chain that models itself after the top luxurious spa chain in various parts of the world. Due to it’s upmarket image and service, it is now the residential spa facility in Sofitel, Sheraton and Crowne Plaza chain of hotels in China.

The Touch Spa in Xiamen is nicely decorated in traditional Balinese concept and has 11 single and 1 couple rooms done up nicely. All rooms come with toilet, shower and rest areas. Some rooms even come with a hot pool.

The service attitude in the spa is top-rate and service staff would give a slight bow and greet you whenever they pass by you. The spa offers all traditional forms of massage including aromatherapy, Thai, Chinese Tui Na, foot reflexology as well as a host of facial and body treatments.

There is also a rest area that has comfortable sofas and soft music for you to relax after a massage session. One good extra mark for this spa is that you can choose to relax in this room as long as you want. Because the spa is still relatively new, there are not many customers and I had the entire rest lounge to myself.

Prices tend to be a bit high by China’s standards. As an example, a aromatherapy massage for 60 minutes would easily cost US$80 not including a 15% service tax added to the price. As a guest of the hotel, you are entitled to a 25% discount which is effectively only 10% given the 15% tax.

Will I return? Well, if I am busy with work and cannot hunt for a good spa, then I’m prepared to pay for the upmarket price. As much as it is expensive by China’s standard, the prices offered are still competitive when you compared with major cities such as Hong Kong, Beijing or Singapore.

Pix credit:

Location of The Touch Spa @ Crowne Plaza Hotel Paragon, Xiamen, China No.199 Jiahe Road, Xiamen 361012, China

Size: Upmarket, luxurious Mid size spa with all private rooms. Hydro-massage bath and jacuzzi available in some of the rooms.
11 single and 1 couple luxurious massage rooms. One area dedicated for foot massage and the other for rest.
Friendliness: Polite staff and good massage therapists.
Pricing: Starts from US$40 for a facial, wrap or bath. US$60 for Body massage. Various spa and beauty packages available and starts from US$120.