Heard of Facial Yoga?

Busy urban people all over the world practise Yoga today. Many people see it as a therapeutic exercise that strengthen the body and relaxes the mind.  Much research and articles has been written about how Yoga brings about wonderful benefits to busy people and Yoga classes are the top exercise routine in many fitness studios.

I practise Hartha Yoga regularly too. I know there are various forms of Yoga but Hartha Yoga suits me fine and I’ve been too busy to explore other forms of Yoga. Imagine my surprise when I read about Facial Yoga. This certainly sound interesting…

A wrinkled face is not a good look but as the years catch up with you, short of going under the knife there’s no way to avoid it.

Or at least there wasn’t, until a new set of facial exercises called face yoga promised to turn back the clock, returning your face to its smooth, youthful prime, without a scalpel in sight.

Face yoga has already won devotees among the forever-young-looking celebrity crowd, with Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston said to be big fans. It’s the brainchild of New York yoga teacher Annelise Hagen, who teaches it at the swanky New York Health & Racquet Club.

You can read an article and see pictures about Facial Yoga at this website

Facial Yoga is also known as Happy Face Yoga because many of the facial postures in Facial Yoga revolve around different kind of smiles. I guess smiling always make one looks younger and fresher and perhaps that’s why Facial Yoga exercises tends to smile a lot.

You can check out some of Facial Yoga videos below. If you practise Yoga in a studio, you may want to ask your Yoga instructor the next time you see him or her about Facial Yoga!

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Review: Make your own spa and aromatherapy products

Does any of the following impulses apply to you?

1. Love to turn bathroom into private ‘spa sanctuary’.
2. Love the smell of spa products?
3. Enjoy pampering oneself?
4. Have good fingers and love to DIY?
5. Thinking of starting a small home business?

You know, I have always thought that the best job in the world is when your job becomes your hobby and your hobby is your job! Is that possible? Can job and hobby become one?

Many of us buy spa and aromatherapy products because we love the smell or like to pamper our skin. Have you ever stop and added how much these spa products cost? Many of them can be quite expensive. Have you ever thought of making them yourself? Can making such spa and aromatherapy products be a viable hobby and business at the same time?

I have been reading a DIY guidebook on making spa and aromatherapy products. The thoughts of making potpourri, fragrance sachets, home-made soap, aromatherapy blends, balms and bath salts certainly piqued my interest.

Hey, what if I can expand my home spa products DIY handicraft into a small home business? What if I can package them nicely and sell them to the many spa or massage boutiques I am familiar with? How about friends and colleagues who are fans of spa and aromatherapy products as well? With recession and job loss being rampant nowadays… I never know if such skills can become useful one day?

The Handcrafter’s Companion
Create spa-quality products for fun and profits

In this guidebook, you get a concise guide on what are popular spa products, how to make them, where to source for ingredients, tools needed, health and safety aspects of spa products, the kind of niche spa business market available and how to market your spa products.

An amazing range of spa products are covered and these include fragrant potpourri, bath salts, balms and lotions, handcrafted soaps, bubble baths and aromatherapy blends.

The author first starts you on a broad overview of spa product ingredients and tools needed to make them. She then moves on to health and safety aspects of making spa products, go into branding, marketing, packaging and selling issues and then move on into recipes and techniques to making the various spa products.

You are guided throughout including useful measurement conversion tips, where to source for wholesale spa ingredients, techniques to make variations and flavors of the same spa products as well as useful web references.

Useful spa product making tips and guides

This guidebook is available on electronic format which makes it easy and convenient to have around. I am a fan of e-products because you can easily have it on your computer or print out individual pages for easy reference.

What do I not like about this guidebook?

There are simply not enough pictorial reference. For example, how does lavender or nutmeg or cinnamon looks like? It would be good if there is a picture for each popular spa ingredient so that it is easy for a beginner that is new to DIY spa products to relate to it.

I also do not like that there is no contents nor index page for easy reference. It can be quite tiresome to scroll up and down when a content or index page can make searching or referencing the various recipes a much easier task.

Many recipes and ingredients guide for home-made spa products

If you are looking for a basic home-user guide to start your spa products making adventure, then this will be a useful guide. You can start with tinkering to make a few basic products and then see if this is a hobby that will grow on you. If it does, there are many more other but more expensive good reference books which you can refer to later. If it is not your cup of tea and turn out to be a passing fancy, then you would not have spent too much money and effort on this e-book either.

Be a little bit more adventurous! Kick off your own spa and aromatherapy making adventure by purchasing this guidebook!