Six Senses Spa, Sharq Village and Resort, Qatar

Six Senses SpaI spent another weekend in Doha, Qatar. Qatar is one of the richest country in Middle East and obviously, the rich and famous here are spoilt for choice when it comes to pampering themselves.The weather is super in Qatar at the moment. The day time is in the mid 20C and make walking and driving enjoyable. We drove around the city of Doha, visited an Old Shouq (marketplace) as well as check out some nice restaurants and hotels in Doha.

I came to know about Sharq Village & Spa from a Qatar guide book.  I read that the spa in that hotel resort is managed by the Six Senses Spa so I took the opportunity to check out this spa when we decided to have lunch at the Sharq Village.

Sharq Village & Spa is indeed a luxurious 5 stars hotel.  It is situated on Doha Bay which is only 5 minutes away from Doha International Airport. The hotel is well decorated in an Arabic Village style. The main building host the Reception, shops, meeting rooms, bar, lounge and a restaurant.

Within the Sharq Village & Spa houses the Six Senses Spa.  It is located on one side of the hotel.  The design of the Six Senses Spa is very different from a typical spa.  The beauty & uniqueness of this spa is that it is designed like you are walking along a quiet and peaceful Middle Eastern village with old wooden doors, mud-hardened floor and billowing Indian cotton curtains.

Six Senses Spa

The Six Senses Spa is of 6,500 sq.m with 23 treatment rooms. There are four separate spa villages each offering a variety of treatments.  As you enter the huge entrance (a traditional wooden door with drop down curtain), you will see 3 reception tables on your right.  Spa facilities like the gym, jacuzzi, sauna etc are on the 2nd level.

A gentleman approached and explained to me the Spa treatments & facilities. The Six Senses Spa offers all the traditional treatments such as Swedish, Thai, Balinese and Aroma massages. The spa has dedicated areas for yoga, meditation, tai chi and other wellness practices, as well as relaxation rooms and prayer rooms.

As Qatar is an Islamic country, ladies are also offered a private entrance and reception, a private gym and exercise area, as well as a full-service beauty salon offering hair, nail and henna tattoo treatments.

To be honest, I was very tempted to try out the spa. However, we were there for lunch and decided we’ll make a decision while having lunch. Well, lunch brought me back to my senses and I decided I had too full a lunch that I couldn’t possible have a massage for another 3-4 hours at least. (Buffet lunch at the Sharq Village was superb…with entire fish and even lobster served but that’s another story altogether)

I also decided that since I would be back in Singapore in a day or two, paying 2-3 times what I would normally pay in a good spa in Asia was a no-no for me.

However, if you are ever in Qatar and have the time and money to spare, you must certainly check out the Six Senses Spa in Sharq Village. Or at least check out the superb buffet lunch at their restaurant…

Location of Six Senses Spa, Qatar:
Ras Abu Aboud Street, P.O.Box 26662, Doha, Qatar
Size of Spa: Large, with private treatment rooms
Facilities: Jacuzzi, Suana, Gym. Separate man and woman facilities

Friendliness: Extremely friendly
Pricing: Did not try but believe to be US$120 and above for massage treatment


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